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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

August "Sketch Society"

Hey Gang-

Looks like we are a 'go' for this month. As usual, we will meet on the last Saturday of the month.

This will be August 30th.

I'll be there probably around 11:30-12:30 depending on what I need to do before I can slip out to the Java Junction and get started.

I've added our Pal, Craig Zablo to become a moderator here also, so he's on board for posting and doing follow up reports of the meets and the people who showed up...and maybe some who didn't?

Craig also likes to take photos of the meets to pepper his reports with images, so he'll be posting up you, me, and anyone else he can get shots of. He's light on his feet so if you're camera shy, beware his ninja paparazzi style.

Anyway...hopefully we can continue and grow to a good core group.

I have plans of putting in some other meets, maybe evening time, later...but for now...let's do this!


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