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Sunday, August 31, 2008

August Sketch Society Meeting

The August Sketch Society meeting was held yesterday at our local Java Junction. We knew that Rob wouldn't be able to make it, since he was off on a Swamp Walk. Seems like most of the other members were busy as well. I'm sure it wasn't the light rain that kept everyone away.

Mark Dail, John Beatty and I were the only ones who made the get-together, but it was still a fun couple of hours as well laughed, discussed movies, comics, politics and more. Mark brought the latest issue of Rough Stuff. It's a really cool magazine. Here's a link to it. Anyway, we got to talking about how the title could be misconstrued -- then that led to the idea of a talk show/pod cast: Rough Stuff with Bob McLeod. After than it was all over. Something as silly as saying "Rough Stuff with ---" and we were all laughing like we were back in middle school. Of course while all the nonsense talk was going on, Mark and Beatty were sketching away. I would have been live blogging, but the connection was down.

Big Beatty worked on the Batman comission that is pictured at the top of the page. Mark was inspired by a photo of Rachael Welch in "Hannie Caulder" and finished the piece above. I took the photo of Mark and Beatty lookin' all content after a nice sub sandwich lunch and a lot of laughs.

Our next Sketch Society meeting is scheduled for September 27th. Until then, it's... "Rough Stuff with Bob McLeod." If that made you smile, you'd fit right in at one of our get-togethers. If you didn't smile, then I guess you just had to have been there.

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